Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello bloggers! I am the new member of this blog,  Let me introduce my self and my story….

I am Lady Martina E. Magallanes, 25 years old, live here in the Philippines, I have my 2 sister namely Grace and Marites, I am the youngest and beautiful.. ehem.. hahahaha I am very simple girl, I always wanted to be happy,, have a great life,, When I was 16 yrs old I attend in Manila Faith Assembly of God. I gave my life to Jesus, I accept him my Lord and my savior. I am happy to be part of Youth Ministry… but when I close with Jesus the temptation is always around, I met Ron hmmm I definitely in love with him.. hahaha that time..

To make the story short when I was 19 I became a mother yes I am pregnant, that time I was so scared with my parents with my leaders in our church and most of all with God.. But Lord is the father of Mercy.. I know in myself he already forgive me, I felt the warmth embrace of Jesus he tell me that My daughter I always here I forgive you for what you’ve done.  That time I always cry I always think what happen to me what will I do with my son… but God is good he gave a friend not just a friend but a true true friend.. Kuya jess, ate che, sheena, ta ruth, te mi, Eloisa , yaku pogi, mac, Mc, lester, matyu, and everybody… Because of this problem I know who is my friend.

rj 3 months old
January 14, year 2005 I gave birth with a cute boy a very lovable boy my son Russel Jhon. I cried when I see him, I said to my self. Hey lady! You’re not a lady anymore you are a mother.. I am proud of myself to be a mom…

rj and me in batangas

Russel jhon already 5 years old, RJ already graduate at Manila Faith Achievers Center in Nursery class.. he already kinder this year.. His Father, Ron is very supportive to my son and me.. he gave what we need, and I think I am very lucky girl to have him or to be the father of my son..

                                                                     My Achiever

                                                               Rj graduation day
                                                                   Love you son

                                                             Dady ron And Rj

I work here at Sky International Inc. as a Marketing officer, by God’s goodness He gave me one more chance to become a good mother with my son, to be a good daughter with God, and I praise God for a wonderful life that he gave to me.. and I know there was a time that I encounter many problem but I am not afraid because I know God is with me..

Ok bloggers I hope you enjoy my story I will always update you with my life
To GOD be the GLORY


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